Forgive me, I usually only post when I'm sad or motivated, and if not, I'm busy dealing with other emotions. This is my story, and it'd mean a lot if you read what I had to say. Let the hands do the talking.

Hi, I’m going off to college. Does anyone recommend a certain type of laptop?

Please include why.

Do you ever feel as if you never belonged to anyone? Your mind is always thinking ahead, thinking above what’s in front of you, and you never feel tied down to the eyes of the lover in front of you? You’d find people you connect with, but they eventually leave; you find acceptance in that: Your job is done. You would help people in times of need, once they found solace, you would as well, and you would all go your separate ways; you, on to the next puzzle, and in each person you touched, you would leave a little bit of yourself, until there was nothing left of you. That’s when you realized you don’t wholly belong to anybody, not even yourself.

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