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So for art class I’m currently drawing this huge piece of two cats with the use of oil pastels. The paper is bigger than me, so my teacher has all of us working outside the classroom in the hallway over lockers and walls. It’s really awesome to see people’s reactions as they walk by and see everyone working on their huge art piece. A couple of kids who were videotaping for another class put me and my kitties in their video. I even passed by another student who was trying to mimic my drawing and I felt proud because I inspired someone to try it themselves. The rest of my week has been shitty so far, but this art piece I’m working on now keeps me going :)

Like a cat, I look for the best sun spot.

I decided not to miss your birthday today like I missed his a month ago, but I’m left wondering if you’re as drunk tonight as you were last night.

I’m living on a diet of sugar and sadness and I’m still trying to figure out how to digest you.

When can I tell this girl that she is using the word fastidious wrong, is also pronouncing it wrong, and should use words correctly, especially when trying to counteract others in arguments?

You told me I wrote strangely today, that the way I expressed myself was different, and I am confused.

Forgive me, I usually only post when I'm sad or motivated, and if not, I'm busy dealing with other emotions. This is my story, and it'd mean a lot if you read what I had to say. Let the hands do the talking.