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I get a sense of pleasure when guys tell me I scare the shit out of them because they can never read me and I’m unpredictable. >:)

(still the same anon) I feel so safe now in my class, but I'm graduating from high school next year and it's scary for me to think of how I will have to talk in front of a lot of new strange people when I go to uni, you know what I mean? I'm still hoping that maybe during those few months I have, I will become supersocial and outgoing, but yeah, that's probably not gonna happen. I wish you the best of luck! I hope you can get over this somehow and be less scared and stressed and just enjoy stuff

I’m in that boat right now! Thank you very much. I think it might help to hold onto the back of an earring or gently press your nails into your palms when you’re talking. I will try this when I have to present my final projects. I keep telling myself, Girl, you will have to present in college—get yourself together!! Best of luck to you!

It’s my senior year of high school, why is it so stressful!?

Hey, I used to have the same problem as you, usually with my school projects/presentations etc, which was crazy, because I was friends with most of my classmates and there wasn't anyone mean to me or so, but I was still shaking and just being unbelievably nervous, when I had to speak to all of them at once. But they were being so supportive and so nice, that I have overcome this at least at class. I still have an enormous problem to talk to crowds of strangers though :/

I was in the same exact boat as you… and still am in my classes. I’m glad you were able to overcome the problem and had the support to have done so!

I’m the type of person who can be outgoing and obnoxious, but when it comes to presenting or talking or lecturing or sharing my ideas with people for class discussions, etc, I literally shake and I can’t breathe and my voice and breath catch… I could be in front of the same people I was just obnoxious with moments ago. UGH. Is anyone else’s coping strategy putting yourself in the mindset of someone else—say, a socially facilitated person—when in this situation?

Forgive me, I usually only post when I'm sad or motivated, and if not, I'm busy dealing with other emotions. This is my story, and it'd mean a lot if you read what I had to say. Let the hands do the talking.