Forgive me, I usually only post when I'm sad or motivated, and if not, I'm busy dealing with other emotions. This is my story, and it'd mean a lot if you read what I had to say. Let the hands do the talking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you/what is your name/how old are you? I am Olivia. I’m seventeen, and that’s pretty much the important stuff.

What/who inspires you? My inspiration comes from my life. My blog is a personal blog. I will post anything and everything, ranging from all sorts of different posts.

**All theme related questions Please refrain from asking any theme related questions because I simply will not answer them. You may ask them on the themes blog and hope for a quick reply. I am busy, so please be patient.

Will you check out my blog? If I have the time, I always check out blogs for those who ask—unless of course you state your request in a rude manner. A nice hello beforehand is sure to suffice. Please don’t take it personal if you do not receive a response.

Why did you unfollow me? I rarely do unfollow people, but if I do, I’ve lost interest in your blog (which is almost impossible in my case), we never talk, or I never see you on my dashboard. Do not ask me this question please.

I love your blog/fan mails/you’re on my favorite list/etc. These messages I hold dear. I read them all and am at the utmost happy that you love my blog enough to send me nice messages. Sometimes I even publish messages like this because some I want to save. I try and respond to all of them in time. If you don’t get a response, don’t take it personally. I appreciate them!

Hate messages will be left unanswered.

Why don’t you respond to my messages? I try to reply to everyone, but not always right away. If I don’t, I may have lost track of the message. My apologies!

If you would like me to remove a photo that is yours I am willing to do so, just message me along with which photo—or e-mail including all of the details.